Alberto de Campo

Alberto de Campo


*1964, composer/performer, laptop, software instruments, electronic devices.




studies: jazz guitar; composition; electronic/computer music


has taught electronic music at Music Univ. Graz, CREATE / UC Santa Barbara, Media Arts Academy Cologne and Music Univ. Duesseldorf, Professor for Generative Art/Computational Art at Arts Univ. Berlin. 




did a research project on sonification for scientific contexts -




plays with live coding/just in time programming ensemble "powerbooks unplugged" -


plays in Quiet Noise Quartet (with Matthias Mainz, Albrecht Maurer, Hannes Hoelzl) -


plays improvised performances with Elisabeth Harnik, Mario de Vega, Hannes Hoelzl, Joker Nies, and others.


lives and works in Berlin.


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Alberto de Campo

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