Samstag, 28 Mai, 2011 - 15:00


28 May 2011 - 19:00

With :: Natalia Borissova Ru/De

2-days touch-full lo-fi workshop on discovering how to build CrackleBox (touch-sensitive instrument), based on self-made pre-amp (and few other simple electric circuits on demand) which could be extended/powered with/by any conductive/organic materials. The different tissues of materials will be shaping a fairly diverse range of sounds. Everything(body) conductive could be wired into a collective sonic cross-performance celebrating the upcoming era of data flowing through the human body by modulating the electric field.


1st day - making (solderless breadboard on perfboard or boardless - on your choice), testing
2d day - creative wiring at sight (in- or outdoor), performing.


This workshop is targeted at those who likes lo-fi or/and has a little experience with electronic circuits and want to try it out on something easy, but expressive and inspiring. Btw, 'girls' are especially welcomed!

|Remember to bring|

-Any conductive materials, including: plants, fruits&vegetables with different tissues you find at home or on the way to the workshop;)
-Soldering iron (if you have)
-9V battery

 fee: € 35.-

for students € 30.-

if you want to participate contact:
christina at


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