Wiik- Thieke - Borghini
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Der Lange Schatten / Wiik- Thieke - Borghini

Sonntag, 30 Oktober, 2011 - 21:30

Wiik- Thieke - Borghini

Michael Thieke
Michael Thieke
Antonio Borghini
Håvard Wiik

Der Lange Schatten

The trio, established in summer 2009 and based in Berlin, is a collective project exploring improvisation through original compositions brought by each of the musicians involved.
Piano, reed and string instrument is a line-up deeply rooted in chamber's music tradition, "transparent" and yet capable of shaping a strong counterpoint, either of melodic lines or abstract soundscapes.

Havard Wiik - piano
Michael Thieke - clarinet/alto saxophone
Antonio Borghini - bass

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