UCC Harlo & Swiss Army Wife
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Donnerstag, 27 April, 2017 - 20:00

UCC Harlo & Swiss Army Wife

Swiss Army Wife
Annie Garlid

27 Apr 2017 - 23:30

Two great sets in ausland this Thursday!!

door 20h00, start 20h30


As UCC Harlo, Annie Garlid proposes inversions of the baroque and the digital in sound & video, with a tip of the hat to animals and pietism.  

Annie Garlid is a viola player and singer. She works and has worked together with a number of young composers and artists, including Nile Koetting, Max Murray, Bill Kouligas, emptyset, Holly Herndon, Martin Hiendl, Cat Lamb, Marc Sabat, and Rishin Singh. 





Swiss Army Wife  : a Berlin/Copenhagen entity (with Natalie Sandtorv - voice/electronics, Lan Cao - prophet 8, Liz Kosack, prophet 12), perform in trio, like this:

she bends and touches the bare wires, 
hissing and spitting , the snaps and burning smell of sparks, 
-—> directly into the root of the spine >]  click
hooks a speaker up to the shifting patterns of the timespace overlap, 
describes ecstatically the future in esoteric electronic code: she opens [ + ] out,
like some crackling radio receiving crosscurrents from galactic birthscreams and the prophesying of an ecstatic oracle,








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