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Freitag, 13 Februar, 2009 - 23:00



Tupolev are

Peter Holy: Piano
Alexandr Vatagin: Bass, Cello
Lukas Scholler: Electronics
David Schweighart - Drums, Guitar

Tupolev perform slowness with complexity, play melodies as distant reminders about jazz and compositions distancing from classic song structures, harmonies and repetition.

tupolev released an ep on the german cdr/netlabel 12rec in 2005 and "memories of björn bolssen" is their first full-length album. after starting out on folk and postrock influences, on "memories of björn bolssen", tupolev play instrumental songs influenced by classical music, experimental music and jazz, with glimples of their early pop influences popping up from time to time-sometimes difficult but persistently beautiful.

members of tupolev are involved in various other projects and bands, including port-royal (resonant rec.), slon, quartz, werner kitzmüller and primordial undermind (strange attractors, emperor jones).

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