“The House of Dream" Workshop

Freitag, 08 Dezember, 2023 - 14:00

“The House of Dream" Workshop

Anguezomo Mba Bikoro
Lee Modupeh Anansi Freeman
Adrian Marie Blount

If you want to take part in the workshop please register here until the 4.12.23 choose category Residencies / Workshops / Performing Arts

"The House of Dream" workshop | Reparation Rituals for Unlearning Violence
with Anguezomo Mba Bikoro & guests: Lee Modupeh Anansi Freeman, Mitotili and Adrian Marie Blount from House of Colours

The session is a multi-sensory workshop focusing on legal resources, somatic therapy, healing historical trauma, collective readings and ancestral healing as tools of protection against domestic violence notably within queer relationships.

Focusing on radical black feminist queer practices through activism and transformational justice, we will focus on short readings from Semra Ertan, Carmen Maria Machado and Bell Hooks to introduce trauma-informed healing bodies as tools against institutional and domestic abuse within queer migrant affected communities focusing on race relations.

Artistic sonic, film and print material from International Women* Space and Nyabinghi Lab introduce voices from black feminist resistance movements through drawing therapy. We discover what are safe and consensual exchanges, releasing trauma from our bodies; processing grief and trauma bond; tools to safely exit spaces of coercive control; somatic expression and voice; somatic tools for self-care and protection rituals for growth.

The workshop invites special guests and is part of an ongoing series in collaboration with Nyabinghi Lab, International Women’s Space and WeAreBornFree Empowerment Radio. As part of the session, a donation will be sent to the organisation Women In Exile because community is anchored in mutual respect, support, acknowledgment and solidarity.

Ground. Center. Release. Surrender. with Lee Modupeh Anansi Freeman
During this gentle breath and bodywork session, we will invoke Spirit and Ancestors to guide us in bringing peace, rest, ease and joyfulness to our bodies and to our minds. 

Participants are warmly invited and encouraged and invited to bring any sacred objects, totems, and/or pictures to assist in this journey. 

Embark on a unique sound healing journey inspired by curanderismo, delving into the ancient concept of 'el susto’. In this traditional Mexican belief, 'el susto' refers to the soul leaving the body due to a traumatic experience, impacting both physical and spiritual well-being. Through the resonance of traditional instruments and curated rituals, we aim to address and heal the effects of psychological or emotional distress fostering a holistic journey to wellness and self-discovery. Curanderos use various rituals, herbs, and prayers to retrieve the lost soul and restore balance. This practice is deeply rooted in cultural beliefs, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical and spiritual well-being in curanderismo. With Mitolili

**If you have been affected by domestic violence psychological and physical, please seek support through our platform**


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