Thalia Zedek Band / 75 Dollar Bill + Andrew Lafkas
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Freitag, 18 Februar, 2022 - 20:30

Thalia Zedek Band / 75 Dollar Bill + Andrew Lafkas

Location: WABE




- Second night at WABE curated by Thalia Zedek for ausland - 

Thalia Zedek Band
"Perfect Vision" (Thrill Jockey 2021)
Winston Braman - bass, Dave Bryson - drums, Kaethe Hostetter - 5-string violin,
Thalia Zedek - guitar, vocals | Thalia Zedek Band 2021@youtube

75 Dollar Bill (New York/US)
+ Andrew Lafkas (Berlin)
Rick Brown - percussion, Che Chen - guitar, Andrew Lafkas - double bass

WABE - Danziger Str. 101 - 10405 Berlin
Doors 19:30, concerts 20:00 | @facebook
12 EUR at the door (Abendkasse)
2G+ applies
(+ = tested or boostered)

For the series "CC No. 2 - Craving Coincidence", ausland invited six musicians to curate a 2-day mini festival each. The final edition was put together by Thalia Zedek (Boston/US), who became known as author, guitarist and singer in bands such as "Live Skull" or "Come" since the 1980s before she started her solo career with the iconic album "Been Here and Gone" in 2001.
At WABE, Zedek and her band will play both the aforementioned solo debut – on the Thursday, together with Zedek's long-term collaborator Chris Brokaw –, as well as their latest release "Perfect Vision" (on tonight's Friday). Singer-songwriter Myriam Gendron from Montreal opens the Thursday night, while New York based guitar'n'percussion duo 75 Dollar Bill will close the Friday with a special trio set with longtime collaborator, bassist Andrew Lafkas.

Thalia Zedek
is an artist of immutable stature and unceasing vitality. The legendary songwriter’s fiery voice and frank lyricism give her songs both their emotional potency and their stark beauty. Zedek is able to distill complex events into simple, clear, and at times monumentally weighty moments with a singular grace. Through ballads or bluster, Zedek imbues her music with unguarded honesty. New album "Perfect Vision" examines the anxiety and pain of rising divisions between people both physical and ideological. On "Perfect Vision", Zedek transmutes fervor and resilience into sobering laments, while her lush arrangements wrap the listener in an often complex emotional message. (...)
Zedek composed the bulk of "Perfect Vision" remotely from her band. Lockdowns allowed Zedek to take more time working on arrangements as well as to collaborate remotely with artists from across the country. Zedek recorded the core of the album with the veritable rhythm section of bassist Winston Braman and drummer Gavin McCarthy (also of Zedek’s E and Karate) who brought a propulsive punch to the album. As the trio recorded at Machines With Magnets with engineer Seth Manchester, friends old and new remotely recorded their parts fleshing out Zedek's vision and arrangements... - Thrill Jockey

75 Dollar Bill was formed in 2012 in New York City by percussionist Rick Brown and guitarist Che Chen. Played on a deeply resonant plywood crate, Brown’s earthy, elemental rhythms are both the foundation and foil for Chen’s ecstatic, modal guitar style. The group’s electric, richly patterned music can shape shift from joyful dance tunes to slowly changing trance minimalism, an uncategorizable hybrid which draws on the modal traditions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, early electric blues, Sun Ra’s space chords and the minimalist and No Wave histories of their hometown. While Brown and Chen are always at the band’s core, the band frequently expands into different configurations live and on record, from trios like this one, featuring the driving double bass playing of long-time collaborator Andrew Lafkas, to their Little Big Band to 25-piece marching band.
75 Dollar Bill has released four LPs and a string of digital and cassette releases. Their last studio album, I Was Real, was named record of the year by WIRE magazine in 2019, while Live at Tubby’s captured their 9-piece Little Big Band in peak form on the eve of the pandemic that would put live music on hold for the next two years.
Percussionist Rick Brown has been in bands in NYC since the late 70s, including Blinding Headache, V-Effect and Run On. Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Che Chen has been an energetic organizer and improviser in the American underground since the mid-2000s. Double bassist Andrew Lafkas is based in Berlin and Norway where he continues to develop solo music and music for large ensembles through his Model Infinity Orchestra project. He is also a member of Oceans Roar 1,000 Drums, a trio with Todd Capp and Bryan Eubanks.

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