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Freitag, 05 Oktober, 2012 - 21:00

squidlibets +Marlon Browden’s Instrumental


squids are strong swimmers and certain species, can fly for short distances out of the water and create something underwater repeating like waves or breaking into foam crashing on rocks to enjoy the experience of swimming naked into the deep blurry sides of the heart ...

born in the middle of the 2000ies, squidlibets has always been an all-girls-band with different line-ups. now it is janja pervan (dr), zelda panda (g), raliza nikolowa (voc&g), johanna olausson (b). as ausland residents they let their heartbeats and emotions flow into melody and rhythms, working on songs to develop an unique sound that comes with influences from ballads to noise.


Marlon Browden’s Instrumental

From fronting his band as a singer to having toured and recorded on drums with Vernon Reid of Living Colour, John Scofield, Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam and others, artist Marlon Browden has created a new thing he calls “Instrumental”, a trance music experience.

marlon browden - rhythms

christina wheeler - sounds/noise

frank schellenberger - melodies/loops

Simply put, the sound image of this music is an acoustic electronic merge flowing in and out of subtle melodies carried by loosely played voodoo beats that get deeper and deeper as the band jams, washing back and forth between spontaneous moments and arranged parts. The sonic variety of mood bass, loops, live drums, guitar and electronic noise gives the band its authentic vibey character.



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