Rhythm Complication 2012/II
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Clayton Thomas & Burhard Beins

Samstag, 08 September, 2012 - 20:30

Rhythm Complication 2012/II

Chris Abrahams
Burkhard Beins
Burkhard Beins
Clayton Thomas
Thomas Meadowcroft
Chris Abrahams

Clayton Thomas – double bass
Burkhard Beins – drums and percussion
Chris Abrahams – grand piano solo
Thomas Meadowcroft – leslie organ solo

Clayton Thomas and Burkhard Beins work together in several projects, as part of the Berlin Sound Connective (with Ignaz Schick and Thomas Ankersmit as regular members and changing guest members contributing live remixes and electronic treatments), the 24-piece Splitter Orchester, but also as the 'rhythm section' of Rhythm Complication. The latter is a series of projects that brings together the bass & drums duo with different soloists of the same family of instruments and later merges the independently made recordings of those live sets into virtual group combinations. After Rhythm Complication & Brass in 2010 and Rhythm Complication & Guitars in 2011 a third edition juxtaposes the duo with three keyboard players: Magda Mayas on grand piano and Thomas Meadowcroft on Leslie organ as well as Chris Abrahams on DX7 on the first evening and on grand piano on the second.

The edited results of the first edition „Rhythm Complication & Brass“ from 2010 are due to be out very soon on vinyl (Monotype Records) – Clayton Thomas and Burkhard Beins with Liz Allbee, Robin Hayward, Hilary Jeffery and Matthias Müller – two compositions by Thomas & Beins reconstructing and reconfiguring four duo improvisations for bass & drums and the four brass solos.

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