PA Workshop Level 1 for Flinta* by Soundsysters, Part 1

Sonntag, 22 Oktober, 2023 - 12:00

PA Workshop Level 1 for Flinta* by Soundsysters, Part 1

Two-day workshop Sa + So 12:00-17:00

Register at: workshops (at)

In the P.A. workshop Level 1 we get to know the full P.A, follow signal flow, and learn to mix bands live, with both analog and digital equipment

Soundsysters' goal is helping more people get started in the technical fields of live music and performing arts. 

Our workshops and courses throughout the year focus on sharing knowledge and tools, providing the opportunity to explore different technical topics in greater detail, as well as planning and implementing music events with an inclusive nature. With the skills acquired in the workshops, participants would be able to mix live bands with both joy, enthusiasm and competence. 

This works both to share confidence and skill with the musicians on stage, and enrich the Berlin music scene with more  FLINTA*s, who, having learned the essential tools to grow into the field of live sound, could now contribute to the further development of the scene as well as work to make it more diverse, informed and inclusive.


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