Mute Swimmer & Orchestra Elastique
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Orchestra Elastique, photo by Ludovic Des Cognets

Samstag, 12 Februar, 2011 - 22:00

Mute Swimmer & Orchestra Elastique

Orchestra Elastique
Guy Dale

Mute Swimmer is a moniker of British songwriter and visual artist Guy Dale. His work under this name is characterized by dramatic shifts of mood and intensity, veering from whispered near silence to voluminous catharsis. Dale works on the interstice of cultural platforms marrying elements of performance art and site-specific happening with the confessional intimacies of the singer-songwriter.

The music draws freely from elements of folk music, minimalism and post-rock often taking the process of writing and the moment of performance itself as a subject. Romantic, self-reflexive and hauntingly melancholic by rapid turns, he has quickly earned a reputation as a formidable live performer.


Orchestra Elastique is a London-based music improvisation collective whose primary interest is to face music as a playground. Hailing from countries such as France, Portugal, Holland, England and Mexico, Orchestra Elastique fill this playground with instruments such as accordion, trumpet, harmonium, piano, harp, theremin, drums, percussion and voices.

The result of these improvisations is a form of music that takes influences from Minimalist Music, Free Jazz, Middle Eastern, Krautrock, and various folkloric traditions with often-psychedelic results.

Equally at home with improvisation, performance and experimental forms of sound making, Orchestra Elastique have also embraced harmony, rhythm and song as the current toys of choice in this new playground.

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