krautfuzz (Live-Premiere)

Samstag, 04 November, 2023 - 20:30

krautfuzz (Live-Premiere)

krautfuzz started out playing improvisational fuzzkraut-ish sessions as a trio in November 2022 after Imari Kokubo, Dirk Dresselhaus and Derek Shirley had unavailingly planned to hook up with each other individually for a couple of years. As each of them is involved in an extended variety of music (Vladislav Delay Quartet, die ANGEL, Schneider TM, faust, Piratezombiedog, Monno, The Still, Hi- Speed Dubbing, etc.), the premise is to boil down stylistic concepts to their essence by playing loud, time-transcending music without a safety net and giving some extra attention to communication in-between each other as well as to the individual subconsciousness.
krautfuzz is embossed by an angular-futuristic tension, spanning from fuzzed-out neo-psych-rock to abstract, heavily processed minimalism, and is open at the fringes.
"Does anything really begin or end? What is time? A period of time. What does that mean? Re-create and re-visit, but time always moves forward. Never stopping. Always changing. Sound goes and goes and goes. This moment is a forward motion." (Ilse Redeka)

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