Korhan Erel + U.Brand/ O.Rupp + T.Nabicht/ S.Vogel
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Samstag, 02 Juni, 2018 - 20:30

Korhan Erel + U.Brand/ O.Rupp + T.Nabicht/ S.Vogel

Olaf Rupp
Korhan Erel
Theo Nabicht
Sabine Vogel
Olaf Rupp
Ulrike Brand

Korhan Erel – electronics, effects, controllers
TV People

Theo Nabicht – contrabass clarinet, field recordings, objects
Sabine Vogel – flutes, field recordings, objects
Listen to me – I’m on your way
In Kooperation mit Intersonanzen

Duo Brand/ Rupp
Ulrike Brand – violoncello
Olaf Rupp – electric guitar

Korhan Erel is an electronic musician, improviser and sound designer based in Berlin. He treats electronics as an instrument that can co-exist with conventional instruments in free improvisation, solo performances and collaborations in other musical genres and with non-musical disciplines. He uses field recordings, found sounds or self-recorded sounds in his instrument designs and performances. His musical activities covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces. Korhan Erel is going to a perform an inmprovisation and his piece TV People, which was inspired by the short story TV People by Haruki Murakami. The piece was first performed in Istanbul at arkaoda on May 28, 2012.

Listen to me – I’m on your way is a continuation of the idea, which composer James Saunders uses in his piece we tell each other what to do but always listen to you. In this piece several (at least two) pairs of musicians respond to instructions they give each other. The players may use any instruments, sound devices, recordings etc. The first time Theo Nabicht and Sabine Vogel performed this piece together was in Mexico City at the Foro International Musica Nueva Festival in October 2017. The performance was a collaboration of Ensemble KNM Berlin and the Mexican Ensemble Liminar. For the performance Listen to me – I’m on your way the duo 440 expands the idea of giving instructions to each other and creating a joint composition. The idea, that everything sent out as an acoustic stimulation can be music, will be extended by the mutual announcement of the musical process.  In the chosen material Theo Nabicht’s and Sabine Vogel’s performance practices mingle. Nabicht is appearing increasingly as a soloist, focusing in this capacity on compositions by contemporary composers as well as compositions of his own, while Vogel, improviser, composer-performer and environmental sound artists, is developing her own methodology in creating work in and with the natural environment.

The specific consonance of cello and electric guitar creates the unique poetics of the duo of Ulrike Brand and Olaf Rupp. Despite of belonging to very different semantic fields — cello the instrument associated with the romantic sound ideal and electric guitar as a synonym for rock music — they reveal confusingly similar timbres and playing techniques. Arco and pizzicato are just as exchangeable as are overtone sounds, arpeggios, clusters, noise and other extended techniques. Because of her experience in performing contemporary classical compositions in the past decades, cello player Ulrike Brand can draw upon all the varieties of different extended playing techniques that are used there. She uses sounds and noises as equivalent material, pitch is treated as a continuum and the whole body of the instrument can create sounds. Guitar player Olaf Rupp explores on his instrument in uncompromising radicallity the field of free improvisation. The extreme virtuosic playing techniques which he has developed by himself are the result of a unique artistic discipline far away from the usual standards and conventions.

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa
Presented by Digital in Berlin

Doors: 8.30 pm
Concert start: 9.00 pm

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As part of the series biegungen im ausland

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