Kongrosian + guests/Fernando Perales
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Samstag, 22 September, 2012 - 21:00

Kongrosian + guests/Fernando Perales

Fernando Perales / Viva La Muerte
Aaron Snyder

Alberto Collodel– bass clarinet
Davide Lorenzon– alto sax
Ivan Pilat– baritone sax
Kongrosian, founded in 2006, tries to inglobe different sonic inputs, starting from a jazzy approach, going towards other musical fields such as European contemporary music, radical free improvisation, electronic experimentation; the sonic result is not characterized by any explicit
belonging to any particular kind of genre, instead, Kongrosian tries to break down the stiff barriers between them.
Kongrosian's recent gigs are characterized by the presence of a guest, thus making every show
unique, not only for the improvisational aspect, but also from a timbral point of view. At ausland, they will play with Ian Douglas-Moore (guitar) and Big Daddy Mugglestone (percussion).
Kongrosian has played with: Stefano Giust (drums), Oreste Sabadin (clarinet), Luciano Caruso (soprano sax), Tony Costantini (trombone), Piero Bittolo Bon (alto sax and bass clarinet), Luigi Vitale (vibes), Beppe Scardino (baritone sax and bass clarinet), Giorgio Pacorig (piano and Fender Rhodes + effects), Nicola Guazzaloca (piano), Edoardo Marraffa (tenor sax), Tim Trevord Briscoe (alto sax).
Kongrosian will present its new album album out soon for Aut Records www.autrecords.com recorded with many guests from the Italian improvising scene.


“the Andrei Rublev experience” tour/Europe/2012

Fernando Perales, musician, performer, cinema critic and box trainer, he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971. He is one of the most important figures of the experimental music and avant garde scene of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.
Viva La Muerte is Fernando Perales´s solo project, based on free improvisation and on the non-semantic difference between noise and traditional musical sounds, using composition and execution techniques, working  without a harmonic and melodic structure, focusing on exploring the timbric and material aspect of sound and noise. Viva La Muerte is a unipersonal orchestra, composed of guitars, tapes, contact mics, pieces of metal, garage tools, metal sheets and industrial matrix fallen into disuse, creating a mix of noise, drone and post-industrial minimalism.
Viva La Muerte has three records: “Necrofolia y tradición” (2009, Facón Records, Argentina), “Punshiment and expiation” released through Electronik Music, London, and “Cuartos azules” in collaboration with the musician and producer from New Zealand, Antony Milton. And a track, in the compilation “Klingt.org: 10 Jahre Bessere Farben” (Mikroton Recordings, MIKROTON CD 5/6) (Russia).
This is his second tour in Europe, playing in the UK, Austria, Germany, Russia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. 

Doors: 21:00
Concert: 22:00
5 Euro

As part of the series biegungen im ausland

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