The Inconvenience // Zea
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The Inconvenience (Williamson, Repotence, Cantillo), photo by Ingmar Lindewall

Mittwoch, 04 Mai, 2011 - 20:30

The Inconvenience // Zea

Joe Williamson
Rico Repotente

Arnold de Boer - guitar, voc, synth

Zea is a breakpop mono from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Armed with guitar, mic, drum machines, sampler and synths, Arnold de Boer comes with fast-paced programmed drums, copious synth work, guitars that go from jangly to strummy on a moment’s notice, and vocals that chant as much as they sing; 8-bit electronic sounds exploding all over the place, and at the same time a poptune isn't out of the question either.

The Inconvenience
Rico Repotente - guitar,
Christopher Cantillo - drums,
Joe Williamson - vocals, bass

The inconvenience play a blend of rock, stoner rock, country rock, punk rock, folk rock, space rock, surf rock, pop rock, probably other kinds of rock and not rock  and not always at the same time and maybe not in the order listed above....
their songs cover such topics as alien abduction, love, war, pet ownership, confusion and good intentions. they are based in stockholm, sweden

In a previous version of the inconvenience, (when joe lived in london), they (alex ward-guitar, and paul may or john blease drums) recorded joe williamson & the inconvenience - “everything should have been just fine” this was released as a cdr on jedso records. featuring cover art by ivan seal on sale via cdbaby

The new album “crackpot” is finished!! we are currently hatching plans to release it.


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