Hora Lunga (Switzerland) + Articide + Ronja
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Articide by Nastya Platinova | Ronja by Astrid Johansson | Hora Lunga By Giulia Spek

Mittwoch, 10 Mai, 2023 - 21:30

Hora Lunga (Switzerland) + Articide + Ronja

10 May 2023 - 23:59

Hora Lunga (Switzerland) + Articide + Ronja

Doors 8.30
Concert 9.00

Tickets 10 - 15 €
at the door only

Hora Lunga (BlauBlau Records)

Tapiwa Svosve - sax
Miao Zhao - clarinet, fx
Fiona Fiasco - bass, git
Lucien Badoux - git, bass
Jonas Albrecht - drums
Hora Lunga synths, elec, voc

Rode through the south italian desert on a Peugeot fuelhorse. The Autogrill is glowing greasily in the image's background. An awkward spaghetti western unfolds as a melancholy fantasy. A sort of coming of age spaghetti movie, cause your lips are painted with canned tomato blood. You're in between times. The old hero is dead, but we stole his guitar and seven rounds of ammunition.

decadence hot, defeatism only for the old - if you say eclecticism, you cough letters around and I usually say: huh? No one lying by the swimming pool, but wind. And Lana Del Rey gets her Hollywood chewing gum supplies at the 24-hour-shop at the Langstrasse. It's all true because it's immortalized on Mini-DV, we'd only need to edit it.

Hora Lunga had time. Said farewell in order to start with this and that, catch unaccompanied pictures, unaccompanied tones in melodies cloud up at the blue synthesizer apparatus. And he almost got through with this on his own.



Justin: Guitar
Sara: Synths + Voice

Experimental noise/ambient duo based in Berlin. All that is now has been dreamed of in another moment in another mind of one who chose once to sleep for a while.



With her latest release „something about us“, Ronja defines her songwriting: candid, multi-dimensional, soft but loud, and full of heart. Her music has become an introspective world unto itself. Her delivery is light, insistent–the tone you would use to convey passing thoughts to your dearest person in the room.
Ronja is currently working on her new EP that will be released in 2023.

Besides, she is part of the newly formed band ROOMER that released their first Ep „Skice“ in 2022. It’s available on vinyl and all streaming platforms.

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