FLUS-S [Fluchtmodus] - Das Vorspiel
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Samstag, 07 Mai, 2022 - 20:00

FLUS-S [Fluchtmodus] - Das Vorspiel

Andrea Ermke
Annette Krebs

7 May 2022 - 23:59


FLUS-S [Fluchtmodus] - Das Vorspiel<o p=""></o>

A GLASS event, curated by Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha in collaboration with ausland*.<o p=""></o>


Laura.aLL [ambient, experimental / guitar, field recording]
Annette Krebs [Konstruktion4] & AndreA Ermke [Mini Discs, Mixing desc, Field recordings]<o p=""></o>

Sinister Sveta [tape loops, amplified objects]<o p=""></o>

Lichene [IBI ET NUNC - Synchro Radio]<o p=""></o>

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For the first appointment of the series FLUS-S [Fluchtmodus], GLASS hosts three live performances and a Dj set, for a night of un-prescriptive music and soundscapes. <o p=""></o>

FLUS-S assembles unusual and broad planes of sound, combining microtonality, prepared objects, tampered tones through avant-garde and pulsing textures, to the border of the twitching noise. <o p=""></o>

FLUS-S is an unorthodox, frank, and unprejudiced project of improvised and composed music.<o p=""></o>

It’s a playground for clashing combinations of sounds, which repudiate empty mannerisms, finding their landing place at ausland, on May 7th.<o p=""></o>

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Laura.aLL (aka Laura Leiner, LauraL) is a guitarist, experimental composer and sound artist. Since 2004 she plays in the band Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (M.i.p.V) – “Endless Music For Tripping”, with three released albums in Brazil and Germany. She is an artist and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background encompassing music, performing arts, sound art, video, curatorship, chemistry and communication-journalism. Laura was born in Brazil and began her artistic career in the 80s, studying music and theater at the Art Institute (Instituto de Artes) of Ufrgs (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, BR). In Brazil, over the course of 20 years, she participated in a variety of artistic projects, including concerts, performances and theater pieces, as well as doing artistic direction/curatorship for cultural events and working for newspapers. Since 2009, Laura has lived in Berlin, where among other projects, she develops a concept for concert-installation and dark ambient music, using guitar/strings, looped videos, field recordings and processed sounds.<o p=""></o>

https://lauralmusik.wordpress.com/<o p=""></o>

https://lauraall.bandcamp.com/releases<o p=""></o>

Annette Krebs [Konstruktion4]<o p=""></o>

Since 2013 Annette Krebs has been developing and playing instrumental assemblages made of highly amplified metal pieces, strings, objects and microphones. These assemblages "Konstruktion#1" until " Konstruktion#4" originated from the necessity to realize sound visions that could not be played with traditional instruments and setups. Like through a microscope, microphones make audible the finest, otherwise inaudible sound shades and colors of the sound objects. The series Konstruktion combines analog and digital techniques and playing techniques. The signals of the manually played sound objects are controlled via tablets, transformed and, similar to different colours that flow into each other, mix or remain next to each other, are musically collaged. The course of time, of standing, flowing, frozen time, is also explored and sculpturally elaborated within the series.
Annette Krebs was born in Saarland and has been living in Berlin since 1993. Since her childhood, she has played numerous instruments and has been engaged in the fine arts. She completed her music studies at the HfMDK in Frankfurt am Main. Before she began developing the series Konstruktion, she gradually deconstructed her original instrument, the guitar. <o p=""></o>

Andrea Ermke is a sound artist from the so-called Berlin scene. Self-taught, she has been working with a sampler, mini disc players and a mixing board since about 1997. She has developed a very personal and uncompromising style of collage. Andrea has worked/collaborated among others with Jim Denley, Dorothea Schürch, John Butcher, Ignaz Schick, Annette Krebs, Margareth Kammerer, Leonid Soybelmann, Ami Yoshida...  She was member of the groups Guestar, Cox Orange and Organic and currently performs with Tree (w Chris Abrahams & Burkhard Beins) and Sink.<o p=""></o>

Andrea Ermke & Annette Krebs Duo 1
Andrea Ermke & Annette Krebs Duo 2<o p=""></o>

Annette Krebs Konstruktion4

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Sinister Sveta grew up in Tel Aviv’s underground Punk and electronic music DIY scene, organizing events, playing live shows, and making a lot of noise. As an electronic musician, he is working with sonic paradoxes, deep listening, unstable systems, acousmatic mystery, and improvisation.
His live performances are a mixture of musique concrète and electro-acoustic elements, Ambient-Noise, Tribalism, Industrial, and techno, leading to a sonic drift in an unstable system, meditation through improvisation in perfect (dis)harmony. A conversation of sound objects in space. 
In recent years he has created soundtracks for video art and short films as well as for theatre and performance pieces. He is based in Berlin, where he experiments and develops his own musical languages.<o p=""></o>

https://sinistersveta.bandcamp.com/<o p=""></o>

Lichene is the moniker of a Dj and prolific curator of events.<o p=""></o>

In 2013 she co-founded "Ancestral Futuro Remoto", a Berlin-based event with the main focus of exploring the crossroads of ambient, ethnic and experimental music. <o p=""></o>

In her practice she investigates the possible meanings of "remote future", trying to understand to which extent we can still find traces of the faraway world of the ancestors in our present, and if there really is something primordial and atavistic inside of us.<o p=""></o>

Lichene's work has been inspired by her travels, her journeys through literature and music and random intuitions. Over time she has explored different FM radio stations to find senders who can offer orientations points for her sonic voyage. As she shifts between sound identities, the listeners shift between the possibilities of both digital and analogue, a product of listening to FM analogue radios that are broadcasted digitally.  <o p=""></o>

Synchro Radio - IBI ET NUNC explores different corners of the world by playing and mixing on two audio channels a selection of radios which are broadcasted live. It is not algorithmic: it does not move inside one’s digital bubble but it is an unrepeatable and unpredictable performance, alien to expectations, because it's impossible to determine what the radios will be playing. The listeners have the chance to discover new geographies, unfamiliar languages, unknown horizons and unexpected sounds: at once, over different time zones, but at the same time. Synchro Radio - IBI ET NUNC is a statement against the negation of coevalness. There is no “elsewhere”, no place backward or forward in time: we are all in the same present, beyond the geo-political constriction of time zones and borders. In this liminoid state, time and space are suspended: we synchronise with a different space at the same time. <o p=""></o>

We are all listening to what “elsewhere” is listening to now: there are no time zones and no demarcations. <o p=""></o>

Everything happens now. If the old is no longer possible and the new is not yet imaginable, Synchro Radio - IBI ET NUNC wants to suggest that all we have the infinite creative possibilities of the present.


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<o p="">* FLUS-S [Fluchtmodus] - Das Vorspiel is a guest concert of the biegungen im ausland series</o>

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