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Samstag, 07 März, 2009 - 23:00

fire&ignorance / activity center

Burkhard Beins
Burkhard Beins
Michael Renkel

Fire&Ignorance (MoHa! + Hayosh/Vahtra)
Idan Hayosh - lamps
Anu Vahtra - lamps
Anders Hana - guitar/keyboard
Morten J. Olsen - drums/electronics

Fire & Ignorance is a collaboration between the Norwegian musicians Anders Hana and Morten J. Olsen (of MoHa!) and artists Idan Hayosh (Israel) and Anu Vahtra (Estonia).
Music and lights, amps and lamps. A high-density dialogue of sonic and visual performance that involves the audience in a physical experience of definite power and energy.



Activity Center

Burkhard Beins - drumset & Michael Renkel - guitar, elektronics

Over the past twenty years the Berlin musicians Michael Renkel and Burkhard Beins have developed a highly destinctive musical vocabulary with their duo Activity Center. Within this duo, as soloists, but also - conjointly or independently - as members of diverse ensembles they have appeared on international tours and festivals and released numerous records. Their long sold out double-CD "Möwen & Moos" (1999) has been regarded as a milestone of it's genre, while they have managed to build bridges between generations and allegedly also styles with their CD "Activity Center & Phil Minton" in 2005. After a long period of almost exclusive concentration on the sonic potential of their acoustic instruments (spanish guitar and percussion), the Activity Center has now been amplified, extended by electronic devices and relocated on tables.

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