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Sonntag, 07 Juni, 2009 - 22:00

ersatzsteile + r.aud


is a replacement of electronic and acoustic music.
Replacement of notes and replaced instruments.
Replacement of improvisation and preparation.
Replaced parts of concert and rehearsal.


Imagine a dark room and a film projector in that room . Next moment there is the light. It creates a beam. The light beam is stretched through the room like a string. The projector is loaded with a film. There is no film on the film. It appears right in that room, right in that lightbeam. And it plays on the beam. Imagine the sound between the vertical rolling of the film and the horizontal video interlacing. Now you can turn off electricity and dive back into the dark room.
Can you hear the light? Can you listen to a colour?

performance by G.Bagdasarov


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