Films by Jacob Kirchheim

Samstag, 14 Oktober, 2023 - 10:06

Films by Jacob Kirchheim

Doors open 20:00, Start 20:30

To Zwickau I’ve been
HD, 3:36min, eng. ST, 2019
Animation, poem by Joachim Ringelnatz

In Zwickau once more
HD, 3:40min, eng. ST, 2022
Animation, poem by Joachim Ringelnatz

Freedom to travel
Animated documentary, HD, 77:49, stereo, 2022

For many years I’ve been travelling between Berlin and Munich mostly with regional trains, several changes and a lot of stops. On these journeys extensive photo and video material was created. Such tour de force trips through East German and Bavarian provinces offer revealing insights into the sometimes „blooming“ landscapes, the condition of train stations, industrial and commercial facilities, and what can be called the backyards of Germany. Repetition in variations presents itself as a basic motif. Perspective, temporal conditions, subjective directions of view constitute the travel-film sequence. The montage condenses and contrasts documentary with painterly-graphic interpretation or alienation. The video was begun in the fall of 2020, it can be seen as a sequence of 33 short films.

As part of the series [auslands-filme]

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