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Freitag, 01 Juli, 2022 - 21:00

Bahati Glass

1 Jul 2022 - 21:00

Bahati Glass


Album Launch

Ambitious Dance(hall) music


Bahati, born in Leipzig, is an Afro-German poet, educator and singer and MC, who has been writing lyrics since her early childhood.

Bahati sculpts words and sounds, beat and observation, into spoken word and musical pieces that are simultaneously crystal clear and poetic, raging and reflective - all in her unique, distinct voice, that echoes and reverberates with every word and note. 

Tonight she is here with her new album ADM, that combines deep lyrics with bassy beatz.


Selecta Tim Dog, founder in 2006 of the Freedom Mission Sound System and the Ranking Show radio show, opens the evening. 

Based in the west of France, in Vendée, Freedom Mission is different and eclectic.  Dancehall, Reggae, Hiphop but also Funk, Afro and much more...  

yard407, producer and composer of the new Bahati Glass album, is also an active member of Freedom Mission Sound and Ranking Show Radio. Selecta Dancehall and Drum&Bass, he will come to present with Bahati Glass the album ADM, resolutely Ambitious Dancehall Music.

Instagram: @bahatiglass

Here you find the Videosession Bahati did at ausland

and here the last video!

Doors open 20:00

Concert starts: 21:00



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