Awe: Dias/Zeger/André // Mesnaoui/Schleiermacher
Image for Awe: Dias/Zeger/André // Mesnaoui/Schleiermacher


Donnerstag, 31 März, 2011 - 21:00

Awe: Dias/Zeger/André // Mesnaoui/Schleiermacher

Joerg Maria Zeger
Pedro André
Filipe Dias De
Amine Mesnaoui

Amine Mesnaoui - Fender Rhodes
Johannes Schleiermacher - sax


is an improvisation project where electronics processes in real-time a sitar and a prepared guitar in a voyage through a variety of states of mind, in a cinematographic experience, a sensorial journey where the unpredictable meets the forms of two different string instruments. An erratic story is to be told, made of a sequence of scenarios, constructed and deconstructed in an attempt at expanding space and time, and at finding new structures, soundscapes, rhythms, textures.

Jorg Maria Zeger - prepared guitar
Pedro André - electro-acoustic processing
Filipe Dias De - sitar


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