All The Rivers Flash Residency 1: Terraform (WT)
On the road from Bethlehem to Nablus, occupied Palestine (© 2023/Rasha Al Jundi)

Sonntag, 12 Mai, 2024 - 11:00

All The Rivers Flash Residency 1: Terraform (WT)

Aymara Llanque Zonta
Maricarmen Gutiérrez Castro
Rasha Al Jundi 
Raras Umaratih
Promona Sengupta

Four FLINTAQ* people from four traditions of anticapitalist and leftist-feminist struggles of the so-called Global South - India, Bolivia-Brazil, Palestine and Peru, come together to talk about names.

Aymara, Maricarmen, Promona, Rasha and Raras conspire together, discussing how, in the past decade, the term "Global South'' has become a part of our common parlance, added to a large collection of vocabulary used by imperial states to designate our lands -- third world, Commonwealth, global majority, developing country, orient etc. These are not names or descriptors that came from us, and our communities have consistently critiqued such signifiers mandated by those nations who actively participate in neocolonial violence. As racialized FLINTAQ+ from colonized lands, we know that the differences between country/city, North/South, white/BIPOC, are not enough to describe the complexity of the violence that our bodies perceive. We have multiple resistances, daily responses to these challenges, and we articulate them collectively. We imagine that it is possible to inoculate ourselves with our diverse territorial responses, to make possible a healing encounter, to reforest our minds and our hearts in the face of the desert produced by western monoculture. By exchanging critical and politically complex narratives about the naming and renaming and re-renaming of our cities, streets, territories, under many colonizers and neocolonial national governments, we bring to light the dynamic complexities of naming as a political act. Through photography, theater, visual art, popular pedagogies, performance and history, we bring our own tools of critical analysis to the history of changing names.

In the end of the residency there will be a public workshop. Information will follow soon. 

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