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Mittwoch, 29 März, 2006 - 22:00


Andrea Neumann
Kai Fagaschinski
Burkhard Stangl
Sabine Ercklentz



christof kurzmann (berlin/g3, devices, vocals)

burkhard stangl (vienna/guitars & devices)


sabine ercklentz (berlin/trumpet & electronics)
andrea neumann (berlin/inside piano & mixing desk)

kai fagaschinski (berlin/clarinet)
klaus filip (vienna/sinus)


K. F. and K. F. began their intensive collaboration early in 2004 when Kai hadthe opportunity to stay in Vienna for a while.Fagaschinski plays his clarinet with an approach of sound and noise phenomenawhile Filip uses a laptop with material based on sine waves, which he canorganize and manipulate in various ways. The conjoined sound of the clarinetand sine waves result in a rich spectrum of difference tones and beatfrequencies, which is a basic focus of the duo besides of a wide range ofdynamics and pitches. The duo sound includes very transparent and quiet noisesections, droning clusters, beauteous harmonic chords and massive vibratingtone walls ... and (near by) no summer 2004 Los Glissandinos did recordings for their debut-CD stand clear,which has been released by Creative Sources (Lisboa) in June 2005.Since then the duo became Klaus' and Kai's most active and challenginglive-band. They performed in Austria, England, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Spainand Switzerland including concerts at Konfrontationen (Nickelsdorf 2004),
Turning Sounds (Warsaw 2005), and Musikprotokoll (Graz 2005).


die glissis in der spanischen sonne (februar 2006)


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