Sylvain Darrifourcq

Sylvain Darrifourcq

«French drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq is a prodigious original whose repertoire has all the spiky, crackling energy of improv, but which balances spontaneity with very tight organisation»
John Fordham, The Guardian

«Sylvain Darrifourcq emerging as one of the handfull of top percussion players in Europe.»
Sebastian Scottney, LondonJazz News

«Drummer Darrifourcq is one of the most sensational musicians heard in the long history of Jazz North East. »
Bebop Spoken Here


Born in 1979 in Orthez (France), he makes his apprenticeship as a classical percussionist. At 15 years Old, he drives himself definitively towards drums and play in his first rock group. Later, he discovers jazz music and his meeting with Daniel Humair leads him definitively to a professional pathway. Following up, he settles down in Toulouse  and got into the CNR (academy of music) where he obtains his award. In 2003, he establishes  his own group : L' Egotiste Sorel with which he makes his first record « life of Henri Brulard » (Aljama records) in tribute to  the masterpiece life of Stendhal.

2004, will be a distinguished mark of the beginning Emile's Parisien Quartet. The group gives rise to a unique sound universe rewarded by the 2009 «Victoire du Jazz».

After several human and musically meetings, his appealingness towards actually form of creation, push him to developp his activity out of the strictly jazz frames. That's how the Q electrical trio is born who gives to ear a free-jazz-rock where interwine some kind of  erotism trouble, past-based forces from a merciless and motionless rhythmic fullness big sounded places.

   2014, time for the DA-Festival creation, event co-managed with the double bassist and Elise Dabrowski singer. Creative music festival supported by Axel Cassel sculptor. This event has the aim to promote multiplicity forms, improvising as well as writing

Enthusiastic by the temporality questions, space and music breaks, nowadays, he composes for  these trios :  IN BED WITH and IN LOVE WITH , he investigates  both ambitious projects MILESDAVISQUINTET! and PONEY (solo percussionist,  electronic and zither), works beside new generations composers with which he creates musical plays (Le PANTIN from Guillaume Hermen…).

His precise, quick and creative drums game, leads him into all music experiments,  to be expected  also as a wanted sideman. Settle down in Paris since 2008, he has also the opportunity to express his wide range of music together with Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Marc Ducret , Tony Malaby, Bruno Chevillon, Akosh S, Andrea Parkins, Sylvain Kassap, Bojan Z , Andy Emler, Benjamin Moussay, Simon H Fell, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Claude Tchamitchian, Francesco Bearzatti…

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Sylvain Darrifourcq ©Caroline Pottier

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