Matija Schellander

Matija Schellander

 Matija Schellander, born 1981 in Ludmannsdorf-Bilčovs, Austria. 

He studied contrabass at the Konservatorium Wien and graduated in the computer music and new media class (ELAK) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. 

Schellander lives and works as a composer, contrabassist and electronic musician in Vienna where he composes for music ensembles, theater plays, contemporary dance performances and makes soundtracks for films.

A vast variety of influences – from Musique Concrete to Hip-hop, Techno, Improv, Jazz, New Music, Early Music to traditional and Film music – identify Matija Schellanders works, which he either produces or records himself or writes for instruments. Sound colors, sampling, and organically moving Sound Images are central artistic elements of Matija Schellander’s works.

He works on solo projects and collaborates with several international artists.

Together with Maja Osojnik he founded the electroacoustic duo Rdeča Raketa. He frequently works on performance-based field recordings with Italian sound artist Attila Faravelli. 

He regularly collaborates with stage directors Ivna Žic and Franz-Xaver Mayr at Theater Neumarkt Zürich, Theater Basel, Schauspielhaus Graz, Schauspielhaus Wien, Theater Ulm, among many others.  

In 2015 the double CD »foreign correspondents« with Noid and Ryu Hankil – a document of their east Asia tour – was released. 

The quartet blue mistake, red mistake with Yan Jun, Jean-Luc Guionnet and Seijiro Murayama was founded in 2018. The CD on Ftarri Records Tokyo will be released in 2020.

The sound comic Wendy Pferd Tod Mexiko – produced in collaboration with author Natascha Gangl and composer Maja Osojnik – was awarded best radio-play at the Berlin Radio play Festival in 2018. The trios new piece Revanche der Schlangenfrau. Frei nach Unica Zürn had it´s premiere in 2020.

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Matija Schellander by Rania Moslam

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