The Kat Cosm

The Kat Cosm

The Kat Cosm is not coarse but bears some of the finer fruits of life. Pluck them, enjoy; it is good for your internal heat.

The two main members are Sebastian Skalei and Jana Plewa. Both write songs, sing and play guitar and every now and then try their hands at different instruments and devices. Sebastian is Finicky-Recording-Man. Jana is Picky-Woman. Rolf draws and paints the album covers. Alf kept it all alive.

the sun
renders such wide space
so bright and ace...
...and the perils

The Kat Cosm have been artists of Klangkrieg and of Staubgold Records. So far they have released two albums:
2001 "Sophie Playing the Recorder at School" (Klangkrieg)
2004 "Knightboat" (Klangkrieg/Staubgold)

After a few years break Sebastian and Jana are now working on a new album. Jana appears also on "The Night of the Hunter" by Wayne B. Magruder (Quatermass, 2005). She currently collaborates with F.S. Blumm under the name of Old Splendifolia. The album "...swaying boldly afar..." is out now on Plop/Nature Bliss (Japan). Sebastian formed a three week band with Simon Cleave from Cinerama and Paul back then in Cologne, wrote songs with Clueso (still on it), played gently guitar for Damero’s debut on Bpitch Control, helped out at the Mondo Fumatore Control Room and placed the Microphones for Guido Moebius.


"With such scarce means only soul shattered enigmas like Cat Power, Bill Callahan or Bonnie Prince Billy accomplish a similar stirring music. Anyhow this is the class they perfectly fit into." (taz)

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The Kat Cosm

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