Julie Rousse

Julie Rousse

Born in 1979, lives and works in Paris

Sound artist, improviser performer and electroacoustic composer.
Her work is diverse and expressed through many different projects, first of all live performances. She also works on sound installations, music scores for films, works with choreographers and directors and does sound creation for photographers.

Passionate phonographer, she is always looking for new sonic sources in her travels through Europe and the world, exploring the possibilities of sound capturing in specifically chosen contexts (urban, natural or industrial) ; working with different recording devices and microphones, using them as instruments ; sometimes with movie extracts, television or radio archives... In this process she oscillates between purity of the recordings and a special attraction for archaic, LoFi machines.
Since 2001, she uses that sonic collection in an experimental process as her raw material, an infinite source of rhythms and colours, which she shapes with a real time sound treatment software real time being the essential element of her spontaneous and chaotic approach. She digs in the sound intruding in the detail exploring, in search of new textures or the unique rhythms of the raw free from intervention sounds.

Her electroacoustic compositions, at first largely inspired by her theatre scenography studies is looking for a relation between the listener, the space and the dream. By creating swarming and immersive universes, Julie Rousse delivers her very personal pieces outcoming of an in situ work using site specific project specific recorded sounds, transposing in sounds her sensible impressions to be unfolded in a specific place at a specific moment.
Her work is influenced by childhood dynamics : mental images in imagination and narration.
The Surrealists. The abstraction in painting. But also all that touches the concreteness of the world : diversity of cultures through the diversity of languages, press photography, radio and sociology.
Her work has been presented in Japan, Chile, Canada, United States, Tunisia, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. She has participated in many events and festivals like La Nuit Blanche à Paris (2005, 2011), Festival Suoni per il Popolo (Montreal, 2004, 2002), Festival Electrograph (Athens, 2005), Sonification (Zagreb, 2009), Performing Arts Marathon (New York, 2010), Send+Receive (Winnipeg, 2011) , Le Fest (Tunis, 2011)...
Her collaborators are renowned performers or emerging artists from the international improvisation scene : Martin Tétrault, Diane Labrosse, Sam Shalabi, Kiyoharu Kuwayama, Tim Olive, Alexandre Saint Onge, Olivier di Placido, Marta Zapparoli, Ignaz Schick, Christine Sehnaoui, Crys Cole, Anton Mobin...
But also artists from other disciplines : Thierry Van Hasselt, Marie Noëlle de la Poype, Mylène Lauzon, Karine Denault, Namiko Gahier, Sandra Calligaro, Céline Lixon, Catherine Bourgeois, Felipe Durand...

Her pieces have been published on the labels Sub Rosa (2010), TsukuBoshi (2010) et sur les netlabels NoType (2001), ConV (2004) and Just Not Normal (2009) and played on Radio Canada, Arte Radio or KKWNE Radio...
She has been granted of a residency in 2013 in Brussels' QO2 to create her next sound installation : The House of Dreams

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Julie Rousse

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