Joker Nies

Joker Nies

Born 1958 in Dortmund, Germany, lives and works in Cologne, Germany, as a musician, sound-designer, sound-engineer, and technical editor for the German Keyboards magazine.
Since the early 80´s, Nies experiments with all kinds of electronic sound-sources, like modular-analog synthesizers, individually designed electronic devices, DSP-based systems (like Kyma/Capybara) and software based sound-sources. During the early 90´s, modifying the Omnichord became his initiation to what is known as circuit-bending. Since that time a steadily growing number of devices has been converted from simple toys into alien sound devices.
Recent activities include software synth-design in MAX/MSP for the german Keyboards magazine, and production and sound design for radio-plays. Nies also holds workshops and tutorials about circuit-bending and synth-design in MAX/MSP.
His musical activities are centered around an improvisational aproach, though he also cooperates in composition-based projects like the activities of the multimedia project REALTIME-RESEARCH and QUANTUM QUASI dance-projects.
Joker Nies performs internationally with artists like John Butcher, Ernst Reijsinger, Thomas Lehn, Alan Silva, Dave Tucker, Seth Josel and many others, in various constellations.

Pair a Dice - Snake Eyes (1996), Near Vhana (1998)

Electroshock - I woke up braindead (1999)

Wollie Kaisers Timeghost - new traces for old faces (2000)
Kölner Saxofon Maffia - 20 Jahre Saxuelle Befreiung (2001)

The Yahoos - Yahoos (2001)

U.R.L. - Konfabulation (2002)

The Earthieves - Earthieves (2002)

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