As a daughter of a musician the beats were in Janoshi’s blood right from the beginning. Music rules her life, no doubt. Janoshi’s career started with her own party-series at nontox in 1998. Followed by several bookings including the ‘Teddy Awards’ and in SO36 she later became resident DJ at the very successful ‘Diven Attacks’ venues, a regular party slot in the club Kalkscheune in Berlin-Mitte. From 2000 she co-operated with a member of tangerine dream for their DJ-project ground liftaz. Between 2002-3 janoshi played another important role as a part of the femmes with fatal breaks by contributing with her extraordinaire electro-breaks/eclectic style. Since 2003 Janoshi has been a member of the projects Junglistic Sistaz and of Schattenelektronik.de which supports subcultural art.

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