GRÜN aka Daniele De Santis

GRÜN aka Daniele De Santis

Driven by an enlightening first encounter with electromagnetism and its enormous potential as an engine for sound generation and physical automation, as GRÜN Daniele De Santis composes electronic music in terms of electrical circuit design and creation of modular sound objects. The GRÜN Machines have taken shape through studies and experiments focusing on electromagnetism as natural source and expression of life.
De Santis dedicated the project to the colour green, taken as archetypal symbol of what we usually call "Nature”. Merging electricity as direct source of sound, field recordings of natural tactile noises and tonal parts (often live or recorded string instruments parts), GRÜN gives life to a chaotic sound magma that attempts to imagine sound as a living organism seen from the inside. The arrangement followes the organic rules of a spontaneous gestural interaction with the Machines driven by a fully improvised performative approach. A natural and unstable musicality is thus gradually revealed like momentary regular geometries emerging through the freeform of the living matter.
At the project’ core is constant research into the creation of sound synthesis modules by recycling old electronic components and looking toward a possible sustainability of electronic music production. GRÜN' performances and workshops have been hosted by international festivals like Berlin Atonal, STRØM, PHONO and CTM Siberia.

Berlin-based percussionist, drummer, and electronic music producer, Daniele De Santis is also the driver of Dromoscope platform. Grounded in a wide range of studies concerning jazz drums, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern percussion, electronic music, and sound engineering, his work has gradually taken shape as a varied series of musical experiences driven by spontaneous multi-instrumentalism and an eclectic attitude.
After working for years as session and solo percussionist/drummer in the fields of contemporary jazz improv and chamber music, all the while treading a parallel path in the electronic music realm, 2015 sees De Santis being added to CTM's Berlin Current initiative and begin a brand new instrumental duo work with Morphine label head and electronic music producer Rabih Beaini.

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GRÜN at Undogmatish Visual by FAX © Luca Caciagli

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