Christoph Linder

Christoph Linder

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the 7" smasher
is coming to get you.

ever heard of "dogma djing"? no? but maybe it helps when i say that "mixing is for milksops" is its dictum? If you still haven't any clue, then you should definitely so and see dj fett! he brings you the raw essence of funk without resorting to silly turntabalistic tricks - as a consequence, he is often dissed by third class provincial 12"-turners as a "shit dj". what many of these youngsters do not know is that the main work is done before you plug in your 1210. half of the fun is the diggin' in the crates, especially in those at the run down jumble sale around the corner. dj fett is not afraid of getting his hands dirty - which is why he is able to concoct an enticing brew of crackling old soul 45s, strange beat, ecstatic jazz and relaxed reggae, all leading up the a finale which is probably gonna be something like the only ever release of the protestant academy of tutzing ("danke für diesen guten morgen"). fett makes you wanna dance all night and hope that the weekend will last forever...

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