Taking Things Apart / Sunday

28 Nov 2021 - 19:00
28 Nov 2021 - 23:00
design by Mitchell Gilbert Messina


Taking Things Apart is a three day micro-festival around sonic practices and scores

On Sunday, November 28th, there will be two evening performances by:



Pedro Oliveira featuring Fernanda Lira



“DESMONTE (To Become Undone)” is a performance for recorded voice and electronics on the afterlives of colonialism and the violent articulation of borders. The starting point of the piece is the so-called “dialect recognition software” (sometimes “accent recognition” or “voice biometry”), used by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) since 2017 as part of asylum procedures in the case of undocumented migrants. Using spectral techniques, the piece attempts a lo-fi reconstruction of the software design, misappropriating and making it out of place as a strategy to uproot the alleged symmetry between voice and nationality, and body and origin, that the juridical and political apparatus of the European border tries to crystallize. “DESMONTE (To Become Undone)” takes the voice apart and offers a border space for encounters between body and sound, speech and listening that actively refuse to announce the bodies that produce them.

Produced with the support from Taking Things Apart, and Akademie der Künste Berlin, with funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART Kultur.

Pedro Oliveira: text, electronics.

Fernanda Lira: voice.



Hilà Lahav & Catalina Fernandez

Let’s Play


“Every sound we make is a bit of autobiography. It has a totally private interior yet its trajectory is public. A piece of inside projected to the outside. The censorship of such projections is a task of patriarchal culture that divides humanity into two species” 


Sounds can arrange into solid structures, yet they seem soft and tame enough to be sculpted into landscapes or molded into memories, kneaded like lullabies (homes), into stout statements, emotional waves or solid yet evasive things with feathers. 

While words (are they sounds with more edge to them?) seem to employ more definition and resistance, they, too, morph and elude and transform in the process of translation (in the work of transmission). 


What if we could make them work? How about we let them work – take on the labor of constructing and reclaiming promises made in the past – turn inspiration and motivation into action, build a world out of travelling waves, take us by the hand into a world made of reverberating landscapes? We send them to one another. The processing machine is transparent. We can all read this mind. 

What if we eavesdropped on our future community? What if we stepped in? let’s say we’d do it one on one. Let’s imagine everyone’s there. Location: Utopia. Imagine lights and a furry radio booth. What if we talked about it, with all of our words, sharing our mother tongues, our secondary languages, the ones we’re learning, those we use to speak with the system, the bank, those we only still sing in. Say we make them work, say we’re already in this parallel world we’ve built. we turn the fader slowly up (we open the door) like an invitation to come in (or out). Let’s play.


Catalina Fernandez is a light designer and a sound artist. Hilà Lahav is an instrumentalist and a writer. Let’s Play (working title) was the subject of the first email that got this piece rolling. This work is their first piece in duo. They work with sound archives, recordings, electronics, texts, instruments (both real and made up) and (re)imagination.





This Festival has been made possible with the kind support of the Cultural Capital of Berlin (HKF).