Pirx + TEll A ViSiOn

26 Nov 2022 - 20:00
26 Nov 2022 - 23:50

Pirx was founded in 2019 and consists of Lina Seybold (Candelilla), Moritz Gamperl and Sascha Saygin (Die Schröders, Majmoon). Musically they tie in with Lina's former band Candelilla and combine tricky rhythms with noisy hwirling guitars.  As uncontrollable, disruptive, non-cultured as this may sound, it artistically reflects an age named for man's impact on the environment. Creates art in a time, in which nature pushes itself forcibly back into the consciousness of a society and must push.


TEll A ViSiON is an artist and music producer. Among other things, she combines experimental hip-hop and electronic synth-pop with expressive, melodic vocals to create a new pop sound. Her solo set features bold beats and clear lyrics.