D. Gross//Gross/Dulin/Karel

6 Apr 2006 - 21:30

David Gross (saxophone) solo+David Gross/Tucker Dulin (trombone)/Ernst Karel (trumpet, electronics)

Saxophonist David
Gross has been performing for nearly a decade. Among a slew of others whose
names are perhaps not as recognizable, Mr.Gross has performed with Le Quan
Ninh, Eddie Prevost, Steve Roden, John Olson, Gino Robair, Martin Tetreault,
Tom Carter, Glenn Spearman, Raphe Malik and many members of the Boston
free-improv scene including Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelley, and Laurence Cook.
Currently, Gross is transforming the saxophone into exactly what it is: a metal
tube with keys, mouthpiece, and a reed. Reviews of his recordings have been as
varied as "The range of textured noise that he cajoles from his instrument
is impressive" to "lengthy episodes of fingernails ripping at a
blackboard". He has performed throughout the US including at festivals as
diverse as The KNOB (Wichita, KS), Big Sur Festival of Experimental Music (CA),
High Zero (Baltimore, MD), Improvised and Otherwise (NYC), The No Fun Fest
(NYC), The No Idea Fest (Austin, TX) and Autumn Uprising (Boston, MA) which he
created in 1997.http://www.gdgsite.com
Tucker Dulin is has had
performances all over the country in many contexts including the Boston
Philharmonic, SONOR, Klaresque Ensemble, Callithumpian Consort, Mass
Eye and Ear, and the Masashi Harada Ensemble.
Working on DMA in contemporary
music at UCSD with Miller Puckette, Ed Harkins, and Charles Curtis.
Specializes in post-war solo and chamber repertoire for the trombone.
Most recent performances with Steve Roden, Nick Hennies, Bhob Rainey,
Phil Wachsmann, Martin Blume, Wolfgang Fuchs, Torsten Mueller, and Anne
LeBaron. Trio, IIBasspit, with Seth Cluett and Mike Bullock, has performed
throughout New England and may never have an album.
Projects include:
a commission by San Diego New Music for an interactive installation
for computer and ambience, an 18 hour performance of unconventionally-notated
scores, and a linux cluster sound war installation at NWEAMO, SDSU.
Currently lecturing at UCSD on contemporary music.http://www.alltheseworlds.org

for informations about Ernst Karel please check:http://www.ausland-berlin.de/offen/viewEventEntry.do?blog:blogid=4271