Keren Ida Nathan

Keren Ida Nathan

Keren Ida Nathan was born in England and raised in the US. Immigrated to
Israel in 1993. Speaks fluent Hebrew and English, some German, and French.
Currently lives between Israel and Germany.

She studied art and literature in Tel Aviv and London.

Selected Works
Choreography / DirectionWorks:
- The Swan Song Act 3 (Berlin, 2010-13)
- I am Yair Vardi (with Yair Vardi, Berlin 2011)
- A Natural Environment (Acco 2010)
- Meumenet/Trained (Tel Aviv 2007)

- Bestiarium (by Antonia Baehr, Berlin 2012)
- Un Après Midi (by Antonia Baehr and Antonija Livingston, Berlin 2008)

- The Kitchen Interviews; 7 hour video loop, (premiered Tel Aviv 2010)
- Havdalah: The Sabbath Queen, 8 min, installation (Berlin 2008)


The Wildes - a Victorian salon

23 Feb 2014 - 18:00
Henry and Ida Wilde

"The Wildes"  - a Victorian salon for animation, performance, watercolor and book, sharing the many hats and silk scarves of the unconsumed marriage of Ida and Henry Wilde.
By and with Henry and Ida Wilde.